Here at Protection Security Systems Ltd we recommend monitoring your security system, especially if you have smoke detectors or a fire alarm system installed.

There are 3 monitoring plans available:

1 . Activation Only

This plan includes the monitoring of activations, system faults, trouble signals, intermittent test signals, and alarm on and alarm off.

2. Full Service
This plan includes the monitoring of signals included in the “Activation Only” plan.
It also includes the options to monitor specific hours of entry, and user entry identification by one of our operators at the monitoring station through voice codes, for added security.

3. Video Verification
This plan includes remotely connecting to your Protection Security camera system during an alarm event to verify detection or intrusion in real time, eliminating the need to travel all the way to site for verification.
This will also reduce the number of callouts to site due to false alarms.

Both plans 1 and 2 can include access to your monitoring history via the Mobile App.



A GSM module with a SIM card is a great way to connect your alarm to the monitoring station wirelessly, as the traditional copper phone lines are slowly being replaced by Fibre Optic cable.

Call us today before it is too late and we will complete your connection as well as offer you an assessment of your current security system.

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