Alarm & Detection Systems

Alarm & Detection Systems

Protection Security Systems Ltd specializes in installing, maintaining and servicing a wide range of quality alarm systems, to help you prevent unauthorised access to both your residential and business properties.

Our quality alarm systems can monitor a range of systems to notify you of events, e.g. movement in secured areas, access to entry points, glass breaking, temperature too high or too low, smoke or fire, etc.

We put your needs first in designing a system that is convenient and as user friendly as possible, while fulfilling your security requirements.
Many of our systems can even be controlled remotely via Mobile App as well.

Join the many others that have an alarm system installed in their homes and businesses by Protection Security Systems


  • A good alarm system, whether at home or in the workplace will have at least one back-up battery installed to keep the system running when your power is out, replace these at least every 3 or 4 years to avoid possible system faults later on.
  • You can use battery-operated smoke detectors to alert you of smoke or fire locally, and smoke detectors hardwired to your monitored alarm system to alert you when you are off-site.

Call us today for a free site assessment, or to book in a competent technician if your existing alarm system needs maintenance or repairs.
Also ask us about window security film, your first line of defence to help prevent unwanted access to your home and business.


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