Protection Security Systems Ltd specializes in installing quality access control systems that can be as simple as entering a pin code, swiping a card or tag, presenting your fingerprint, reading a license plate, or via Mobile App, for access to many types of entry points in your home and business.

These systems can be used by you to monitor and restrict access to your home and business by electronically locking and unlocking entry points to secured areas or even areas with Health & Safety restrictions. This helps ensure your duty of care to visitors and reduce the confusion with multiple keys which are often lost or copied. These systems can also be integrated into your camera surveillance system to complete your modern security system.

We put your needs first in designing a system that is convenient and as user-friendly as possible while fulfilling your security requirements.
Many of our systems can even be controlled remotely via Mobile App as well for your convenience.

Join the many others that have access control and intercom systems installed in their homes and businesses by Protection Security Systems.


  • Use more than one form of credential in your access control system for better security, e.g. pin code plus swipe tag, or pin code plus fingerprint, or licence plate recognition plus swipe card for vehicle access, etc.….
  • A good access control system, will have at least one back-up battery installed to keep the system running when your power is out, replace these at least every 3 or 4 years to avoid possible system faults later on.

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